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Website Features

The Facts:

We utilize the most modern design features to improve media, ease of use, security and other important functions. We work directly with you to accomplish your project goals with a single, all inclusive price.

All of our new websites are affordable Content Management Systems. This means you can manage your site content anytime and from anywhere! Here are some details about our content management systems. We use plugins to add features, and we know which ones work well, how to choose the ones you need, and how to configure them to do the job that you need.

Mobile Websites

All of our website projects are responsive and mobile. As of 2017 over 60% of all internet users are using tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. Click here to test your website for mobile compliance.

Content Features

Forms: We use the commercial Formidable Pro plugin for online forms. Formidable is a remarkable forms plugin with unique features.  Click here to see a complex form that allows the site visitor to digitally sign a form. Submitting the form takes the site visitor directly to a payment processor.

Lightboxes: This is a great way to add images that you can click to expand, allowing you to use high resolution images without taking up a lot of space on your page. You simply add an image, designate it as a thumbnail, then when clicked on, the image expands to full size. You can also title the image. Click the image below to see.

Grilled Shrimp

Click this image!

Embedded Google Maps: We can add a large Google Map to your page to help your customers find you. You can zoom in or out, and click between satellite and standard map views. Click “Directions To”, then scroll down to see how a site visitor can enter his own location to get turn by turn directions. Here is an example of a terrain map. We can also post multiple maps on the same page.

Galleries: We can show off your place or business, products or clients in a variety of broadband slideshows and galleries. Our latest is a massive tiled gallery that arranges your images in an interlocking grid that looks great. You can click on any image and open a popup slideshow, with or without text captions and titles. The slideshow advances automatically, and also has navigation buttons to navigate manually.

Videos: Embedding videos is obsolete, they take up too much space on your page. We now use the Advanced Responsive Video Embedder. This commercial plugin allows us to place code on your page that shows a thumbnail of the video, with a Play button. Clicking the button opens up a large pop-up video lightbox over your page. VERY cool. We can also shoot, edit and produce your video content.

Text/media editor: We feature a VERY easy to use text editor that can also add video, audio and images to your page. Pasting text from Word adds a lot of unwanted formatting to your page that messes up fonts. Our editor allows you to paste Word content into your page with no formatting.

User Friendly Features

No “Page Not Found” errors: If you are migrating from an old website we can redirect old links to go to your new pages. For budget sites, we can set your site up so that any incorrectly typed request goes to your Home page.

E-Commerce: Richmond Media offers full featured e-commerce systems for online sales. We can configure your shopping cart to sell items online, and you can add, delete and edit the items for sale.

FAQ Pages: Frequently asked questions pages can be very useful for site visitors. Our FAQ pages use a technique that opens an answer by clicking on a question, which greatly reduces the need to scroll on a page. Click here for an example.

Search Engine Optimization: All of our websites include at least basic search engine optimization (SEO). We can also do complex SEO on every page of your website.

Social Media: We can put social sharing and social links on pages, blog posts and pretty much anything that will help you integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter and other social and business media sites. If you haven’t discovered the amazing benefits of adding social media to your site, CLICK HERE for details.

Depending upon your individual needs, Richmond Media can customize your system to do whatever will help you attract customers, help them find you, and allow them to interact with your business. CONTACT US for details.

Security Features

WordFence Site Protection: Not only does WordFence help protect your site against hack attempts, anytime a potential threat is denied, a message is sent to us. We monitor these messages on every site we build, so we can identify potential harmful threats against your site. NOTE: This is not total protection. We can increase the level of protection it you deem it to be appropriate, but the standard level of protection is much greater than most web design companies offer. We have never had one of our sites incur damage that cannot be fixed. Our automatic database backups (see below) help with this also.

Unauthorized Logins: In the past 2 weeks, our security system has blocked over 60 IP addresses due to unauthorized login attempts for  Our system gives detailed information about every single Googlebot and “human” visitor that visits your website. Your site is scanned daily for problems, and unauthorized logins are blocked and listed.

Captcha: All form submission attempts have to submit a “captcha” code, which is a great tool for fighting spam.

Image Protection: We can prevent site visitors from downloading the images on your website if you wish.

Automatic Scheduled Backups: All of our websites use a scheduled database backup system to protect your website’s data.