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the facts:

Richmond Media builds all kinds of e-commerce systems, from simple PayPal carts to large WooCommerce systems. But not everybody is going to succeed at e-commerce. And we will make this promise:

We will tell you the truth.

We won’t sell you a product we know won’t succeed just to make a sale. We will use our experience to help YOU decide if e-commerce is right for your business.

our work

Click an image below to see examples of our WooCommerce systems.

DWD-thumbThere are many directions to go when it comes to e-commerce. We offer custom solutions for websites that sell products. The differences are based on your objectives and budget.

Some of our e-commerce benefits:

  • We’ll find your solution to sell your products online.
  • Customers are generally familiar with our layouts.
  • You can sell items with different sizes and prices.
  • We set up shipping and taxes and final payment processing.
  • Product can have options (for example, sizes and colors).
  • Products can be listed in multiple categories, given sale prices (with expiration dates!), independent attributes, and more.
  • We can track inventory, total sales, sales by date, average order totals, individual customer statistics, designate sale prices by date, apply discounts and more.
  • You can link to other products, suggest products, and
  • You can provide unlimited product attributes, like size, color, material etc., things that define every product.

Things to know about starting an e-commerce website

  • You may need to buy extensions for some options, like different prices for different sizes, custom shipping options, grid based product listings, etc. We assist you with this.
  • There may be other plugins (music, video, etc) that you require. We will help you decide and provide different price options.

We have been building e-commerce systems for over 16 years. Contact us, We look forward to hearing about your project!