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The Facts:

With over a decade of experience, we know that your new website needs to start working for you ASAP. But often you might want to add a new page, tweak your content or even make a small design change after the site is live.

With Caffacus Creative, that is not only possible, it is our standard operating procedure. We will help you get your site exactly the way you want it. AFTER it’s live. At no charge.


As a small company who relies upon repeat business from our clients (around 40% of our new business comes from existing clients), we have an awesome service plan. Every single website we build comes with a 90 day free edit policy. If you need a new page, it’s free. If you want us to add a News section, it’s free. If you want a change to your Contact form, or want to add a Facebook link, or ANYTHING ELSE, it’s free.

In addition, we have a policy that even after the 90 days are up, if you need something small done to your site, if it takes less than 15 minutes, that is also free. So if you want to change the email address your forms go to, or if you catch a misspelling, we will do it for you. For free.

For other situations, we have great rates. We can either set up a maintenance agreement based upon your own unique needs, or a standard monthly maintenance plan that starts at $30 per month.

Is Facebook critical to interacting with your customers, but you don’t have the time? We also have social media maintenance plans that are surprisingly affordable. We can also work with you on client newsletters to make sure they are both professional and timely.

We can say with confidence that our service and support is better than you will find from our competitors.