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content management

the facts:

Search engines love content management. Content management sites are dynamic, meaning that their content can change. Changing content shows search engines that the website is maintained, and the site content remains fresh.

We support WordPress, the most popular content management system anywhere. With a WordPress CMS (content management system) you have access to thousands of plugins to make your website stand out from the rest. WordPress makes it easy to update your own site with e-commerce, specials, calendars, video and more.

what is content management?

Content management makes it easy for a business to control its own website content. A simple interface and editor allows you to add new pages, videos, images and other content. Editing your existing pages is a breeze. Thousands of available plugins add exciting features that weren’t available until recently. While a content management can be as sophisticated as any large corporate website, we realize that your budget might be a major concern. Since WordPress allows you to edit and expand your website, we are now offering several budget packages for our WordPress sites, so you can get up and running ASAP.

what you need to know

WordPress uses what are called “Themes” to determine the look of the site. There are thousands of these themes out there, and most web design companies will either find a free theme to modify and sell to you, or they will buy one, usually for under $40. Under certain circumstances that’s OK, if you want a specialized site, or if you don’t care that there are lots of other WordPress sites out there that will look a LOT like yours. We never, EVER use anyone else’s themes, we prefer to design custom themes from scratch. This guarantees that your site won’t be a cookie cutter site. Your site will be one of a kind.

why richmond media?

Everybody is selling WordPress systems these days, including a lot of companies who lack the skill to use the tools WordPress makes available.  And if you need a budget WordPress website, we have developed this system to the point where we can offer features other companies don’t for a VERY competitive price.


Even though we have some great prices on WordPress, you WILL find companies who will sell them cheaper. So why shouldn’t you buy one of those? Because we have ten years experience in both standard websites and content management sites. We know how to attract search engines to your site. We know how to  create a unique look for your site, so there won’t be 100 other sites out there that use the same theme somebody downloaded for free, modified, then sold to you.